It’s been several months and someteen days…

The RF2- the confirmation of PhD assessment- gets ever closer. It’s scheduled for ‘late January.’

So, panic.

Do I know enough? Have I missed a key paper which makes my work void? Does this even make it to PhD level?…

I have to do a 25 minute presentation. The assessor will then give recommendations which I incorporate into a 6k work report. If the assessor is happy with that, I progress to PhD…

So, panic.

The PhD is…evolving, as these things do. It’s still about legal academics and PLE, and the factors affecting their involement, but now bringing in a proposed model to support involvement in PLE- this model incorporating aspects of the scholarship of engagement, authenticity, and service.

So, panic. But most of the time a sense that there is something there, something interesting. I just need to pull together the threads- HE context, legal ed context, disciplinarity and other influences. Is it something about law as a discipline? Law itself? Are legal academics different from other academics in some way when it comes to public engagement?

So, panic. But it’ll be fine, I am sure.

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