Interview request

I’m looking to recruit legal academics in English and Welsh universities for the next phase of my PhD interviews. My project is looking into the factors which affect the involvement of legal academics in public legal education. I am interested both in people who have been involved in public legal education and those who have not. Involvement can mean anything from providing a one off session on a topic of interest to a local organisation to setting up a detailed set of sessions for use in a school, from running a Streetlaw module to giving a public lecture. 
I’m interested in public legal education as it brings together a number of issues in higher education, legal education, and the legal system- issues of the nature and role of universities and law schools in the time of the SQE, the*EF system and the OfS, and of access to justice in the age of LASPO and online courts.
In the interviews I am trying to draw out what encourages or limits academic involvement in public legal education. I hope to develop an understanding of the personal, local, regional, and national ideals and policies which have an effect on decisions about academic practice. 
The interviews will take around an hour, and will most likely take place over Skype or other video conferencing system. 
Ethics clearance has been granted by the ethics committee of the Faculty of Development and Society.
Further information about the project is available – please mail

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