Actually interviewing… and more theory

Hello again. Two months since the last post. What have I been doing.


On the reading front, more theory! Agency-structure stuff, so more Bourdieu and a raft of new to me people- Archer, King, Elder-Vass and so on. Quite heated at times! Interesting enough, and important given I’m talking about people’s choices and actions.

On the interview front, I’ve done two! And have two more lined up, with one more potential. Hope to secure at least a couple more for this pilot phase.

So far, so good, although I do talk a lot- the conversational approach coming out there! It all makes the transcribing even more of a pain, mind… but it helps to move chat along, check understanding and so on.

Doing my own transcription, whilst time-consuming and weird (your own voice is odd enough, but at 3/4 speed…) is helpful. You’re doing a bit of analysis and reflection even as you type.

The pilot is designed to see if the questions work, if my interview technique works, and to provide data for initial analysis practice and reporting. This will all then feed into the main phase of data collection and the next reporting stage- the progress to PhD or RF2. So I might surface again in two months, unless there’s something very interesting to report from the data!

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