Across the blasted wastes of theory

Really, it’s not so bad 😉

Reading Bourdieu. Just reading for now, making little notes as I go- questions, reflections, expressions of puzzlement. I admit it’s not the easiest reading I’ve ever done. A lot of the time I have to stop, re-read, puzzle out. Which is not a bad thing. Slow reading by necessity. If only I had taken theory more seriously *ahem* years ago when I was an undergraduate…

Same goes for jurisprudence, although the writing style of Brian Bix and Stephen Riley is a lot easier to get on with. Again I am focussing on reading, making notes more for recording my impressions. I will go on to tackle the writers themselves- your Harts and Fullers and such- once I feel I have something of a grip on the basics. Perhaps something I should have done- or do now- with respect to Bourdieu!

On a practical level I am waiting for collated feedback on my ethics application. As far as I can tell from the summary, I need more detail on the questions and on my sampling method. Both of which are fair comments on reflection. Once I have the detail I can look at the application and respond to these concerns- and then try to get some interviewees!

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