Time flies, or Bourdieu-ing on the ridiculous

It has been six months  since I posted. Why so long? Short answer- focus, both gained and lost. Longer answer…

September- January I was working on two MRes modules- one on interviewing, one on social constructionist approaches. Both were very interesting, and more importantly useful, but they took up a lot of time. There were the 6 days for the module classes themselves. Then there was the reading between classes. And then there was the time spent on the assignments. All this meant I wasn’t looking ‘directly’ at the PhD and so did not feel I had much to write here.

Of course, method is a direct part of the PhD. The modules were a good reminder of that. I have tended in the past to honour method in the breach- I blame my Realist school International Politics training 😉 But the discussions, and the reading, and the challenge- difficulty indeed- of the assignments brought home to me the need for a clearer understanding of interview technique, analytical approaches, and wider theories. So I am doing much more reading on and reflecting in these areas, alongside the ‘topic’ reading and thinking connected to the PhD.

One of the ideas frequently referred to in the methods literature is the ‘analytical memo’ / research diary / field notes. This blog was meant to be something like that- at least to function as a public space to share ideas, get ideas etc- and I’ll be trying to get back to that. I’ll also be keeping a memo book, some of which will make it into these posts…

So, focus here needs to be regained. Perhaps I can put up quick posts on what I’ve read, news stories etc. It’s all good writing practice, if nothing else!

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