So what?

That is the question! I sent in an outline history of HE to my supervisors. One of them got back with the comment that it was interesting- but what would be really important would be how HE relates to legal education, and what that all means for the thesis question. Or, more bluntly, ‘so what?’

I’m working on a rough outline of legal education this month, which will go some way to answering the “so what?” The structures and problems of HE pass on to HE based legal education- that is why a history of HE is important- and the structures and problems of legal education themselves play a part, interacting with the wider HE context.

The real, deep ‘so what’ will be dealt with when I turn to the model / theory element. I think that the nature of law itself- at least what legal academics understand it to be- will be the main element in linking HE, legal education, and the question of what legal academics feel-

they can do

they want to do

and how this relates to whether they can or want to do PLE

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