First hurdle cleared

Yesterday I got a letter from the Research Degrees Committee (RDC), informing me that my RF1 had been accepted with no conditions. This means that I can now progress to the next stage, the RF2.

Whilst the RF2 is a light-touch initial assessment, it’s good to have it done and be free to move on.

The Assessor did recommend I create a timetable- something I had thought of doing. I have another 6 years or so to complete within the permitted time, but hope to do it earlier than that.

My next ‘target date’ is February 2018- my first annual review. By then I hope to have:

  • the structure sorted
  • draft chapters written
  • ethics approval for interviews
  • arrangements in place to do interviews

I can then go on to conduct some interviews and do initial analysis ready for the RF2 in February 2019. The RF2 is a much more serious business than the RF1. It involves preparing preparing a 6000 word report and presenting to an assessment panel. If that goes well, I will be permitted to progress to examination.

So, more reading to come! And now, the writing too.


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