A brief update

Two weeks since my last post! Which coincided with the Easter break, which was very welcome 🙂

I did do some work during the break, to keep up the momentum. I’m careful to try and stick to a work rhythm, whilst also being sure to have days when I don’t work on the research.

My first ‘landmark’ is due on 31st May. This is the RF1, which will be assessed by a rapporteur from my department. The RF1 sets out the aims and objectives of the research, the proposed methods, and a brief literature review. If the rapporteur is happy with the RF1 the proposal is approved and I will move on to the next landmark, the more substantial RF2 ‘Confirmation’ process.

Where am I to then? Well, I’ve read all of the articles I consider to be key to the RF1 review, and some of the books. Right now I’m reading about higher education(1), as the nature and role of the university is one of the factors I think will be important when considering why academics do what they do- and don’t do what they don’t!

I’ll be going to our Method conference, to get some pointers on that aspect of the work. There isn’t a need for a detailed method discussion in the RF1, but this is an area I have not focused on in the past, so any and all help is good.

What does the GE mean? Well, depends on the outcome of course, but if the HE bill gors through now or later, the landscape of HE is going to change- Cottom’s Lower Ed may become alarmingly relevant here… There’s also been talk of a Green Paper with PLE as an element, so we’ll see.

(1) Axtell’s Wisdom’s Workshop and Collini’s Speaking of universities . Planning on looking at Barnett and Nussbaum. And, you know, Leavis-and-Newman-and….

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