Nearly five weeks in…

I’ve got the reading sorted, in the sense that I have downloaded the articles and arranged access to the books… I’ve got notes from some sources already, and have carefully put links to everything in Refworks. Some of the reading is re-reading, as it’s material I used in the LLM Res, such as Cownie and Bradney’s work on law schools.

I’ve fallen behind a bit on the RDF planner- the system we’re using for doctoral skills development needs analysis. I hope to pick it up this week. So far I’ve identified the following needs:-

  • Formal research methods training. I’ll be doing a couple of MRes modules to cover that.
  • Training on software for interview analysis. That comes down to online materials and practice.

I’ve also been looking at Scrivener. So far so good, but not decided yet on whether to invest in it. Might also look at some project management sort of tools, like Trello.

So a mix of the substantive and the procedural. More like a piece of law work in that sense 😉


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