Paths and trees and metaforests

This week has been all about the citation searching- forwards and backwards! This is something I’ve recommended to students in my research support librarian role. I’ve always felt it was better than going straight for keyword searching. You start with a small amount of literature, working out from that. You get a sense of what’s out there, what keywords might be useful later on, and build a set of reading fairly quickly

Of course you  end up with a looooong list of stuff to check out. Which on the one hand is great! It makes you feel that the project has some depth to it. On the other hand, it’s an early reminder of just how much reading you have to do…

Still, the reccurence of certain works is encouraging, suggesting the right path is there, somewhere. I’ll get to putting it all into  Refworks (other ref management software is available) later this week. After that the next big step is to get and read the stuff! All this to inform the 1000 word RF1 report.


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