Past and present and plans

I’ve spent my weekend PhD time reading up on methods in law. It’s been genuinely interesting and informative. Of particular interest has been the discussion around the relationship between research methods and the nature of law as a discipline, as this will be one of the themes of the research.

The reading has also touched on the history  of law as a discipline, which will be a key element in my work, alongside a more general consideration of higher education history. This formed a part of my LLM Res,insofar as I looked at legal education reform through the lens of academic and legal professional views of the purpose of legal education.

The current project will move on from this to look more closely at the place of legal education within higher education, the role of higher education, the self-image of legal academics, and the dynamics between all this and the question – Birks’ question- what is a law school for?

Joining research methods in the ‘unexpected things to be doing’ file will be reading up on jurisprudence- models of what law is being important in considering  what study of the law should look like.

I’ve also got an outline plan for the next four months. Here at SHU the first milestone in a PhD is the RF1 Approval of Project form, so my plan is all about getting that form and associated work done on time.

I’ve put down a more general set of markers with a view to submitting in four years (!), but that of course can be modified… I have to do the next milestone- the RF2- within 2 years of starting, so January 219. After that it’s all down to how much I can get done and not burn out. The maximum I have takes me to 2024! I hope not to take more than five years though…

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