First supervision meeting

My official start date was February 1st, and it is from this date that all subsequent assessment deadlines are set. However, today feels more like the start of things, as I have just had my first meeting with the supervisory team.

It was a positive meeting. We’ve got a working title, the beginnings of a training plan, and some initial reading to do.

Working title- “What are the barriers to law school involvement in public legal education?”

Training- I’ll take some of the MRes modules in qualitative methods and philosophies of research, and begin reading up on interviews / document analysis / NVivo.

Initial reading- jurisprudence, research methods, history of higher education

The next meeting is schedule for May, where we’ll discuss my draft RF1- initial project proposal for approval- which I’ll then write up for submission at the end of May.

The next few posts will be reflections on the initial reading and some thoughts on methodology.

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